The New Year is a time for reflection and resolutions. Ambiens is mainly about people, but today we will focus on numbers. The analysis of Ambiens’ involvement in the past year, as well as in all of its activities to date, comes out very positively.

We have 106 onshore wind farms with a total capacity of 2,623 MW. We have served and continue to serve the largest number of wind farms in the Pomeranian and West Pomeranian provinces, but we are not limited to these areas, we operate practically all over Poland.

As for photovoltaic farms, we have accumulated 66 in our portfolio with a total area of 6,764 hectares. Again, we have the largest presence in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, but we have experience in photovoltaic projects almost all over the country.

We support projects in the RES industry at various stages of their development. A measurable achievement is assistance in obtaining environmental decisions. We have 41 of them to our credit, including 5 obtained in 2022 in 3 different provinces, which demonstrates our ability to meet the requirements of various Regional Directorates for Environmental Protection.

In 2022, Ambiens supported investors in all 11 waters during 2nd round of the opening of offshore wind energy. The New Year is also a time of wishes, hence we wish ourselves and the entire RES industry in Poland favorable winds in legislative changes enabling further development of wind energy both onshore and offshore.