National Reconstruction Plan (NRP) in Poland is a complex development strategy program after Covid pandemic. It follows the Recovery and Resilience Facility – RRF and lists Energy as one of the main areas. The document approved by the Council of Ministers was sent to the European Commission. Poland is to be the beneficiary of the amount of EUR 58 billion.

The national reconstruction and development plan refers directly to onshore and offshore wind energy. Key issues:

  1. KPO is to support the development of offshore wind energy and investments in the neutralization of threats and the renovation of large-scale degraded areas and the Baltic Sea.
  2. It is assumed that the permitting of offshore wind energy will be improved on the basis of executive regulations to the Act on promoting electricity generation in offshore wind farms.
  3. The development of offshore wind energy requires development of an installation port, the Port of Gdynia is designated for this function.
  4. Reconstruction of the ports on the Middle Coast and access to them from the sea (including breakwaters) to enable the use of service terminals intended for servicing offshore lift service units. Investments include the ports of Ustka and Łeba.
  5. In the context of potential impact of renewable sources on environment, the ROP under the principle of “not causing significant damage” indicates the importance of environmental impact assessment.
  6. As a part of decarbonisation, in addition to the creation of offshore wind energy, it is assumed that the use of onshore wind energy will be increased. The document explicitly says about the amendment to the 10H rule and allowing the location of wind turbines at a shorter distance in the municipalities that consent to it (additional potential of 6-10 GW in next 10 years).