Monika Gąsior has worked at Ambiens as a GIS Analyst for more than 6 years.

Why so long?

I like stability, certainty, peace and quiet, and I find that in Ambiens, and at the same time I have the opportunity to develop here, there are constantly new challenges, we work on the most complex RES projects in Poland, so it is impossible to get bored. And so half-jokingly, where else would I work with my bird name, if not in a company that, among other things, conducts ornithological monitoring? 🙂

What exactly do you do at Ambiens?

I am responsible for spatial data management, geospatial analysis, mapping and visualization, and noise analysis. I have already provided analytical and graphical support for the execution of more than 100 studies such as EIA reports and project information sheets for wind farms, photovoltaic and gas pipeline; preliminary environmental analysis of photovoltaic and wind projects and WF post-implementation monitoring reports. Perhaps it will be easier to introduce my work through the prism of the programs I use on a daily basis.

My main working tool is QGIS, a program I highly praise due to its high functionality and at the same time widespread availability (open source program). My tasks include preparing the work environment in QGIS, collecting data, processing it (the more complex the analysis, the more fun :)) and finally preparing the final map, which will be reliable, readable and at the same time elegant. Almost every employee at our company knows how to navigate this program and perform basic analysis in it, and only with more complex issues turn to the GIS specialist that is me :). I always provide assistance in the introduction of a new employee to work in QGIS, and I value cooperation with younger colleagues, because by interacting with others you can learn a lot yourself, exchange ideas.

The second program in which I operate on a daily basis is WindPRO. In it I perform an assessment of the impact of a wind farm on the acoustic climate, as well as visualization of photovoltaic farms and, finally, wind farms as the possibility of conducting an EIA procedure for WFs in our country has opened up.

What would you say to a person hesitating whether Ambiens is the place for them?

I will use a slogan that was said in an interview with my colleague Justyna Iwasiuk:

,,Ambiens consists of people – a group individuals who are Amicable Motivated Buoyant Intelligent Energetic Noble-hearted Supportive” and these people create a family atmosphere in the office. We are great at collaborating with each other on projects, exchanging experience, but also laughing or talking about our passions. So if you want to work diligently in a friendly environment then don’t hesitate.

Ambiens is a family friendly company from minor to very important issues, and for me it is very important. I have three children, and at the same time a thousand things to do (or maybe three thousand:). Friday’s remote work makes it easier for me to embrace some of them. When it happens on other days that I need to leave early to “put out some fire” at school, no problem, I hear from Paulina Potyra-Kaczerowska (Vice President of Ambiens): “Fly.” On important holidays like Christmas and Easter, we try to “slow down a bit” in the company so that we can spend this time with our families according to our beliefs and desires.

Now that the phrase passions has been mentioned, how do you spend your free time?

I like to travel, first with my finger on the map (because I love maps), and then in real life. I’m especially drawn to geographically distinctive places: the northernmost point of Poland, a part of Europe in the Western Hemisphere, a place where the waters of the Baltic and North Seas mix. I gladly use such opportunities to teach children something about the length of day and night, sunrises and sunsets, or the directions of the world – as befits a Geographic Information Systems specialist. An airplane flight is an opportunity, in good weather, to view “live” orthophotos, which I often use as a base for map studies.

I very much enjoy being in the lap of our native nature, which we try to protect by analyzing the environmental impact of various investments at Ambiens, but I am also fascinated by experiencing exotic landscapes and vegetation. During my travels, I look out with curiosity for investments in the renewable energy sector, so that I can assess with my senses the visual impact of a photovoltaic farm or the acoustic impact of wind turbines, which I usually analyze from behind my desk.

As you can see, I appreciate the landscape both natural and anthropogenic and their clever combination. Recently Madeira pleasantly greeted us with beautiful views, including a wind and photovoltaic farm. Even the sun knew which part of the island to light up :).

The sea or the mountains?

Mountains descending to the sea. I love the space, the boundlessness of green and blue.