We have completed another due diligence project in RES acquisitions for Scatec. Advisory in this area is a part of Ambiens’ core business.

Each time we approach a project individually, taking into account the status and specific expectations of the investor. In projects on early stages of development, we map key future risks along with ways to mitigate them. In this case, our goal is to verify the schedule provided by the Vendor and assess the area, which can directly determine the final capacity. In advanced projects, fully permitted or ready to built (RtB), we verify environmental and social issues, previous forecasts and models, and needed administrative decisions. In operating utilities, we focus on requirements of the environmental decision, actual impacts and compliance to financing institutions principles.

The value of Ambiens’ due diligence is based on dozens of similar previous implementations and on our own practical experience in the field of reviewed issues. This allows us to successfully operate in onshore and offshore wind power and photovoltaics. For us the most important are the usability of provided support and the functionality of recommendations.