Continuing the development of competence in wind energy in the Baltic Sea region and cooperation with our neighbors, we are pleased to announce that we have joined the Polish Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce.

The aim of the Chamber is not only to bring in investment and remove barriers for cooperating companies in Poland and Lithuania, but also to exchange knowledge and experience between its members, a perfect example of which was our first cooperation in connection with last year’s Energy Forum in Vilnius, during which Michał Kaczerowski, CEO of Ambiens, acted as a speaker.

President of the Polish Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce Robert Juodka mentioned that “we are extremely pleased to see the accession of such a competent new member of our Chamber as Ambiens. Its high level of experience in conducting dialogue between investors, administration, local communities, and environmental circles is extremely valuable in the development of renewable energy. We are also pleased to have a valuable new speaker who shares his experience from the Polish market at our annual Energy Forum, one of the most important events in this field in the Baltic Sea region.”

Given that the Chamber’s partners are both government administrations and embassies of the two countries, as well as numerous social and economic organizations, we will work together on further projects.