We have just completed the site assessment of about 300 hectares for a hybrid power plant based on the principle of cable pooling. On the positively verified area, a multi-criteria analysis has developed a preliminary layout for wind turbines and photovoltaics.

We have just finished another due diligence project for renewable power plant. This time high level review of large scale photovoltaic project under development was addressed to Baltics’ energy firm in M&A process.

We are pleased to announce that we have started cooperation with Cero Generation, a leading specialist in solar energy development, production and storage, operating across Europe.

Cero’s Polish  portfolio is expanding with another project.

In the case of this project, one of the first tasks of the Ambiens team was to prepare a Site Assessment report – which presented the methodology of the analyses carried out, a description of the environment of the areas selected by the Client, along with an assessment of the parameters and their impact on the implementation of the planned investment, along with the risks and how to mitigate them.

EIA photovoltaics

We obtained two more environmental decisions for large-scale photovoltaics:

  1. 110MW pomorskie, RDOŚ Gdańsk
  2. 90MW zachodniopomorskie, RDOŚ Szczecin
Floating offshore wind farm

We have completed a strategic advisory project for floating offshore wind in the Baltic Sea.

We have completed another due diligence project in RES acquisitions for Scatec. Advisory in this area is a part of Ambiens’ core business.

wind farm forest

We have developed methodologies for monitoring and research work for wind farms in forests in Poland. Identification of all key areas of the environment in relation to the specifics of the investment and its potential impacts allowed us to develop detailed guidelines for individual components.

The Partners in the offshore wind market have completed an advisory project for an OWF in the Baltic Sea. A key task was a permitting strategy that included an environmental impact assessment, taking into account the status of remaining milestones in the early stages of development.

Ambiens WindEurope

Ambiens takes another step forward and after 14 years of operation in Poland, it is expanding its involvement joining WindEurope, the largest organization associating leading participants in the wind market.

We are pleased to support the promotion of offshore and onshore wind energy, especially in the context of our core competences.

We have done micrositing of onshore wind farm planned in Poland. The result is a preliminary layout of accepted WTG models in preferred locations. Such analysis is carried out basing on actual and planned land use. We also consider wind conditions and environmental/spatial planning constraints.