Social and environmental reporting

Ambiens expands commitment to DIF – Dutch Infrastructure Fund specialising in global renewables investments. 

As independent Lenders consultant Ambiens prepares Annual Social and Environmental Reports on onshore wind farms portfolio of Pruszcz, Markowice, Piaski, Wyszki developed by Sabowind in Poland and co-financed with PZU.

Ambiens’ experience from offshore wind and more broadly from 15 years of wind energy activities, also onshore, is valuable and often used in the context of strategic consultancy or when auditing work in progress. Therefore, Ambiens carries out Permitting Advisory activities in offshore wind energy – advice on permitting in the process leading up to a decision on the environmental conditions of a project (DEC).


Although green energy is recognised in a positive light from an environmental point of view, a careful analysis of its impact on nature is a crucial element in the development of new investments.

Biodiversity is the key word when carrying out such analyses, as its destruction directly and indirectly affects people – their health, life and economy.