We are pleased to announce another new partnership, Enertrag joins Ambiens’ client base. 

Enertrag is an independent energy company originating from the German market, and today present in nearly 10 countries. It develops, operates and services its own and outsourced renewable energy sources.

Wind power in Poland has been growing for two decades. The installed capacity of wind farms exceeded a symbolic 100MW in 2005 reaching over 8250MW today (1Q2023). The maturity of the industry and Ambiens’ 15 years of experience covering 3GW, give us a reasonable basis for comprehensive statistical and comparative analyses in the context of the projected and actual environmental impact of wind farms.

We are pleased to announce that we have started cooperation with Cero Generation, a leading specialist in solar energy development, production and storage, operating across Europe.

Cero’s Polish  portfolio is expanding with another project.

In the case of this project, one of the first tasks of the Ambiens team was to prepare a Site Assessment report – which presented the methodology of the analyses carried out, a description of the environment of the areas selected by the Client, along with an assessment of the parameters and their impact on the implementation of the planned investment, along with the risks and how to mitigate them.

For 15 years, Ambiens has actively participated in the dialogue between investors, administrations and local communities and environmental groups. One of our goals is to find common denominator for the interests of these groups. 

Our knowledge and experience in this area allowed us to successfully complete another project for a confidential client, the final product of which is an annual social and environmental report (ASER) for 2 wind farms located in Poland.

We are happy to announce that Ambiens has just started cooperation with Eolus Poland. Eolus Poland is part of the Eolus Group, one of Scandinavia’s largest developers. Founded in 1990 has constructed approximately 700 wind turbines with a total capacity of 1,500 MW. 

Ambiens’ experience from offshore wind and more broadly from 15 years of wind energy activities, also onshore, is valuable and often used in the context of strategic consultancy or when auditing work in progress. Therefore, Ambiens carries out Permitting Advisory activities in offshore wind energy – advice on permitting in the process leading up to a decision on the environmental conditions of a project (DEC).

In Poland, environmental research in areas designated for offshore wind farms (OWF) started in 2012. At present, comprehensive knowledge is available on 6 areas of the OWF located in the Polish exclusive economic zone, precisely in the vicinity of the Słupsk Bank and areas to the east of it.

For nearly six years, there has been a debate in Poland between the wind industry, politicians, energy-intensive industry, local communities, electricity consumers and economists about the nature of wind energy, its potential and necessary regulatory changes. Today, in the era of inflation, dependence on fossil fuel imports, and in the face of a crisis, the question about onshore wind energy is not “if” but “how”.

Each of the areas earmarked for an offshore wind farm (OWF) project in the national Maritime Spatial Plans is characterised by a certain area size, distance from the shore, fishing intensity or specific environmental conditions. These aspects, as well as many other variables, greatly influence the cost and difficulty of the project.

We are very happy to inform that this year our annual Ambiens donation goes to Ocean of Dreams Foundation, which was chosen by whole Team.

The Foundation supports alumni of Children’s Homes in finding their strengths, motivations and passions. The foundation is based on sailing and maritime culture and tradition.