For 15 years, Ambiens has actively participated in the dialogue between investors, administrations and local communities and environmental groups. One of our goals is to find common denominator for the interests of these groups. 

Our knowledge and experience in this area allowed us to successfully complete another project for a confidential client, the final product of which is an annual social and environmental report (ASER) for 2 wind farms located in Poland.

The ASER is a document required by financing institutions, prepared at least once a year, in order to obtain financing for a project.

The requirements of the financing institution are to objectively and comprehensively report on the environmental and social performance of the contractors in a given investment, as well as to assess the project’s compliance with the environmental requirements contained in the Environmental and Social Action Plans (ESAP). The status of implementation of environmental and social measures is also assessed. These activities are implemented, among others, through documents, i.e., Stakeholder Engagement Plan, Biodiversity Management Plan, or operational monitoring.