Who we are ?

Ambiens is a leading Polish RES consulting company managing and advising environmental, social and permitting projects. Since 2008 we have been successfully supporting photovoltaics as well as onshore and offshore wind farms on every stage of life cycle. From environmental impact assessment and development through due diligence during M&A and financing processes to taking care of environmental issues on construction and operational phase. Over 100 wind projects across Poland including Baltic Sea give us unique practical perspective. We support transformation of Polish energy sector in face of global trends and climate challenges.

Our mission

We operate on all levels of communication – we actively participate in the dialogue between investors, administration, local communities and environmental circles. Our mission is to find a common denominator for the interests of involved groups.

We specialise in:

Onshore wind energy

Wind energy is our core business almost from the beginning of the Ambiens brand, since 2008. We know that well-located and properly managed projects are friendly to the environment and local communities. Our experience from over 100 projects, including the largest ones, across Poland allows us to meet the expectations of administrative bodies and the requirements of international financial institutions.

Offshore wind energy

Offshore is a natural consequence of our strong presence in the wind energy sector. The first maritime challenges in Ambiens appeared together with the development of industry towards the exclusive economic zone in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea. Since 2018 we have been actively supporting the industry and project development, now teamed-up with Partner – MAG Offshore. Our goal is to use efficient permitting as a tool to make projects competitive.


Photovoltaics came to Ambiens in 2013 along with the technology diversification of key customers. Large-scale PV’s require precise planning. A reasonable strategy and its conscious implementation are key in competition for connection, financing, support system, but also an element of social acceptance and environmental permits. Our experience is useful for developers and investors during acquisitions and financing processes.

Onshore wind total capacity
Offshore wind projects


We like our job, so we are taking care for the atmosphere and a good ambience in our company. We work on the largest renewable energy projects in Poland, supporting global, corporate clients and we do it in family, partnership atmosphere. People are the most important element and they constitute the value of our brand.

We are a diverse team of experienced specialists headed by:

Michał Kaczerowski

Chief Executive Officer

CEO at Ambiens. Graduate in economics. During studies he gained first professional experience in a corporation. He founded Ambiens in 2008, since then he has been supporting the biggest renewable energy projects in Poland and actively participating in development of the sector. One of the wind turbines in Potęgowo, the largest onshore wind farms in Poland, is named after Michał Kaczerowski. Specialist in managing projects under development, permitting expert, advisor, who understands the essence of environmental and social conditions. At Ambiens responsible for strategy, offshore projects, due diligence and relations with key stakeholders. He shares his knowledge with investors and banks, as well as industry journalists and the public audience. Quoted by Bloomberg agencies, speaker at major energy conferences. An enthusiastic sailor since childhood, captain of many offshore cruises, today a skipper during family annual trips to Masurian Lakes. Privately, husband of Paulina.

Paulina Potyra-Kaczerowska

Chief Operating Officer

COO at Ambiens. Associated with the company almost from the beginning, first mentally, formally for 6 years. Today in the Management Board as Chief Operating Officer. Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and the Vienna School of Economics and Business Administrations. She has 10-year corporate experience in project management, managing international teams and projects as well as communication and events. At Ambiens, she is responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations, managing onshore projects, Team leadership and relations with Customers. In our family business, she also develops CSR and is responsible for charity activities. An enthusiast of sustainable development and a staunch opponent of plastic. Practicing fan of sayings from “Paw Patrol” – Don’t lose it, reuse it! A certified goldsmith, after hours carries out original designs of hand-made jewellery.


In Poland, environmental research in areas designated for offshore wind farms (OWF) started in 2012. At present, comprehensive knowledge is available on 6 areas of the OWF located in the Polish exclusive economic zone, precisely in the vicinity of the Słupsk Bank and areas to the […]
For nearly six years, there has been a debate in Poland between the wind industry, politicians, energy-intensive industry, local communities, electricity consumers and economists about the nature of wind energy, its potential and necessary regulatory changes. Today, in the era of inflation, dependence on fossil fuel […]
Each of the areas earmarked for an offshore wind farm (OWF) project in the national Maritime Spatial Plans is characterised by a certain area size, distance from the shore, fishing intensity or specific environmental conditions. These aspects, as well as many other variables, greatly influence the […]
We are very happy to inform that this year our annual Ambiens donation goes to Ocean of Dreams Foundation, which was chosen by whole Team. The Foundation supports alumni of Children’s Homes in finding their strengths, motivations and passions. The foundation is based on sailing and […]
We obtained two more environmental decisions for large-scale photovoltaics:
We have completed a strategic advisory project for floating offshore wind in the Baltic Sea.

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